I'm just a young mamichula trying to help overthrow this sexist, misogynist, oppressive, racist as patriarchy we call society. Just trying to get past "Da Struggle" and fight THE SYSTEM that created it.

Ramelcy es mi nombre y no tengo apodo. And just because i love this quote: "I am womon. Whole. Complete. Capable of falling apart, just to come together, improved and better without you."

This is also just a peek into a fly playa’s life so forreal, get to know me. I keep it a hunnet. WonnFitttee. 24/7. 365 days. Trill recognize Trill. lmao, I learned a long time ago not to take everything so seriously. & Don't hesitate to say hola or drop a question & apparently my advice is sought after so you're free to do the same cus I'm officially your life guru, homie.

(p.s. subscribe to my youtube "brwnfemproductions" )! twitter: Ramelcys_


Self love is fundamental. Carry myself like royalty, don’t confuse with vanity.

All Gold Everything Parody - Taja Lindley

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